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Aura Transformation with Sarah Jennings

In this interview, Sarah Jennings talks about the healing ability of transforming your aura!



Join me as I speak with Sarah Jennings, an International Aura Mediator™ Instructor. Aura transformation is the ultimate in consciousness expansion, setting off a process of Crystallising your spirit energy into every cell, dissolving karmic, ancestral & collective imprinting and clearing eons of emotional baggage. Aligning your frequency to the Crystal & Indigo children and having a fresh start in connecting to your purpose, means making things happen in a balanced and earthly way. AuraTransformation We live in a time in history where immense quantum leaps in our evolution and possibilities for transformation are present. The tools are here, the change we crave is at our finger tips. There is no more room for climbing endless mountains, martyr like, sloth like, in a sad slumber. Now is the time for breakthroughs that last and integrate, and can be sustained in daily life. AuraTransformation™ is essential in these powerful times, to get our bio-energy fields to their optimum crystalline balance. When we are fully embodied, grounded and protected we can really step into our powerful hopes and dreams and liberate our energetic force-fields and living operating systems from any Old Time shackles so that we can live to our full potential renewed and sovereign.

Posted by Conscious Living Network Vancouver on Thursday, May 9, 2019


Below is a video of Sarah’s talk on Aura Transformation


Aura transformation with Sarah Jennings

Posted by Conscious Living Network Vancouver on Tuesday, May 14, 2019

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