“Accessing Your Seven Greatest Powers” with Dr. John Demartini in Vancouver

Join us on  Tuesday, October 10, 2017 – 7-10PM

Accessing Your Seven Greatest Powers

How to Live an Inspired, Empowered and Financially Free Life

In this inspiring three hour presentation you will have an opportunity to take your life to a whole new level of empowerment.

There are key action steps that you can immediately begin to take to empower all 7 areas of your life:

  •  Your mental wisdom, creative genius and your original ideas that serve the world
  •  Your money making and management strategies to achieve financial freedom
  •  Your career building success principles that achieve extraordinary result
  •  Your inspired mission vision and message
  •  Your love, fulfillment and partnership intimacy
  •  Your physical vitality, wellness
  •  Magnetism and your social leadership and influence

This life changing presentation will show you the underlying keys to empowering all seven areas of your life

 You will discover how to be more intrinsically inspired so you can more effectively achieve your most meaningful dreams. You will also learn how to actively learn more effectively, be more charismatic, how to make a global difference, how to inspire your personal and social relationships and how to make and keep way more income. It’s time to take your life to a whole new level of empowerment in all areas of your life! Do not miss this unique opportunity to listen to Dr Demartini who has achieved all of these and more and has shared his inspiring keys to millions of students for nearly 45 years throughout the world.

For more info and to purchase tickets visit: http://consciouslivingradio.org/demartini-in-vancouver/

About Dr. John Demartini

Dr. John Demartini is a human behavioural specialist, founder of the Demartini Institute, international best-selling author, educator and business consultant working with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, celebrities and sports personalities. He provides answers to questions and practical solutions to life’s challenges in numerous keynote presentations, workshops, television, radio and print interviews, published books, CDs, DVDs and online downloads. Globally he has worked with individuals and groups across all markets, sectors and age groups including  government leaders, entrepreneurs, financiers, psychologists, health professionals, teachers and young adults, assisting and guiding them to greater levels of achievement, fulfillment and empowerment in all areas of life.

For more information on Dr DeMartini visit www.DrDemartini.com alternatively, email the Demartini Institute at info@DrDemartini.com

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