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Awakening – With Sidra Jafri

Writer, Researcher, Energy Healer, Conscious Consultant Sidra Jafri, a woman of
many talents is to embark on a book tour ahead of her second book release, The
Awakening: 4 Portals to Gain Higher Levels of Love, Power, Abundance and
Purpose in your Day to Day Life (February 2020),
With foreknowledge of the release, Sidra is unlocking The Awakening Bridge on
the 23rd July 2019 via the School of Awakening website. Designed as an
interactive manual to move individuals into the world of energetics by teaching the
benefits of embodying Access Body Consciousness (ABC), The Awakening Bridge is
setting us up for a life changing digital journey of consciousness.
Having invested over 18,000 hours of research in the field of energy healing, mind
science and ABC, The Awakening Bridge invites readers to implement Sidra’s
researched formula said to activate specific energy of chakras, accelerate spiritual
growth and improve the quality of life using hypnosis and meditation techniques that
helps individuals enhance areas of health, wealth, relationships and purpose.
The Awakening Bridge is the follow-up to Sidra’s first book, The Awakening: 9
Principles for Finding the Courage to Change Your Life which offers a nine-step
process using ABC which continues to be proven effective by individuals and
corporations alike who follow Sidra’s work across the globe.
Sidra will be gifting ‘The Awakening Bridge’ to School Of Awakening GOLD
MEMBERS and in a unique format, each chapter will only be released once the
reader has completed the previous one, ensuring the reader fully excels and
understands the tools needed to complete the Awakening journey.
Sidra said: “I am extremely thrilled to be sharing another tool that will add depth to
the current knowledge of Awakening and ABC.”
Sidra’s second book, The Awakening: 4 Portals to Gain Higher Levels of Love,
Power, Abundance and Purpose in your Day to Day Life will be available to the
general public from February 2020. It is set to further unlock our consciousness
through observing the language that our body understands as we set out on a
journey to discover the existence of our being based on the elemental nature (air,
water, earth, fire).
The book series addresses the major current crisis that are happening in the forms
of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical breakdowns and provides a fresh
perspective on the way we are addressing such issues.

For further information or to request an interview with Sidra please contact | 07977928161

Competition prizes
We are offering one competition winner an Accessing Bodies Consciousness (ABC) Taster
Experience, consisting of 2x 30-minute online video conferencing sessions (worth £500) with
international speaker, best-selling author and energy healer, Sidra Jafri who will use the latest
cutting-edge tool; derived from a combination of the best mind sciences and spiritual healing
techniques. This powerful tool is used to access any blocks in individual’s energy which they may be
experiencing as limiting beliefs, body pains, financial challenges or conflicts in relationships.
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Notes to editor
We are also able to offer the competition prize to one journalist from your publication in exchange for
a leading interview/feature. Alternatively we can also offer School of Awakening Gold Membership as
a competition prize – which will also mean free access to THE BRIDGE, once released.
Sidra is now available for interview about her work as part of her book tour which is taking place in
spring 2019 (dates TBC).
About Sidra Jafri
Sidra’s fascination with human behaviour led her to observe and recognise the patterns in people’s
actions. By establishing when the patterns were first created, Sidra was able to work with people to
dissolve blocks and limitations in their health, wealth and relationships. This led her to start her career
as a KEY Awakening Facilitator, where she focused on anxiety, depression and infertility.
Sidra created a number of different workshops as she developed her skillset and the tools that would
form the basis of her work. After discovering that values, beliefs and challenges were the sum of the
programmes within the psyche, Sidra developed ABC, an omnipotent tool that could access the ‘echo’
of an issue and so dissolve it.
Her personal journey led her to become an avid student in the field of Hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP,
ENLP, Divine Healing, Reiki – and that’s just to name a few!
This insatiable quest for ‘understanding the nature’ of our behaviours and actions led to the
breakthrough that would complete her awakening.
As well as ABC, other tools have been developed, including her book, The Awakening – 9
Principles for Finding the Courage to Change Your Life, all of which have proved effective when
used with individuals, within schools, hospitals and businesses.
Sidra currently consults at School of Awakening, a global online school which delivers quality
education via online courses that offers tools, techniques and educational audios/videos, designed to
help you start experiencing life, at any age, from a perspective that brings peace, joy and prosperity to
life now.
Find out more about Sidra Jafri, School of Awakening and The Awakening: 9 Principles for
Finding the Courage to Change Your Life.

Join me this evening as i speak with Sidra Jafri, Author, Healer, Awakening Facilitator and a much sought after Timeline Specialist. A woman of many talents, Sidra is currently on a book tour ahead of her second book release, sharing more about: "The Awakening: 4 Portals to Gain Higher Levels of Love, Power, Abundance and Purpose in your Day to Day Life".

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