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Mars in Aquarius travels retrograde: June 26 (9:13 Aquarius) to August 27 (28:37 Capricorn)
Mars out of bounds in south declination: July 8 to September 24

July 12: Super new moon, Partial Solar Eclipse, 7:48 pm: (20:41 Cancer)
July 27: Total Lunar Eclipse, 1:20 pm: (4:45 Aquarius)

July 1: Juno enters Taurus: 1:45 am
July 10: Jupiter in Scorpio stations direct, 10:04 am (13:21 Scorpio)
July 21: Eris in Aries stations retrograde: 6:52 am
July 25: Mercury in Leo stations retrograde, 10:03 pm (23:27 Leo)
July 28: Ceres into Virgo: 2:01 am
**Please note all times listed are PDT, please check your local listing
Dates to watch: July 4, 5, 8 -13, 22 -30

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Mars retrograde (in brief)

Mars in Aquarius turned retrograde on June 26. While the transit can let the air out of your tires, take you off your game, and is often a thwarting influence, it is by no means diminished in strength or agenda. Don’t expect Mars retrograde to shoot with blanks.

Mars represents the experiential leading edge of the soul’s desire for its own evolution. The soul utilizes Mars to embody and experience that which it desires. Mars is an instinctual archetype. It also correlates to sexual impulses.

When Mars travels retrograde, subjective awareness, desires, instincts, and impulses shift. We become aware of inner urges that are not heading in the same direction as they were before the retrograde started. The outer terrain shifts too. We can pull the plug, or someone or something can do it for us.

Mars in Aquarius and in retrograde shifts the energy in some dynamic way. It also shifts the politics, the social climate, the personal or sexual involvement level.

While Mars is retrograde, it is a good time for a personal regroup. Don’t struggle against it. This is not a cycle to push, it is a time to check in with yourself and to respond rather than keep on auto-pilot. Pay heed to the part of your consciousness is clamouring for your attention. Mars retrograde calls for a pull back so that you can reflect with more objectivity, If or when you come to a sudden snap, that’s okay. It is clearing the debris away and setting you up for a critical next phase.

The Mars transit is of major note. Replacing Jupiter, it will be the fourth brightest planet in the sky for the next couple of months (after Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury). This is because Mars will be in its closest proximity to both the earth and the sun. Coinciding with a total lunar eclipse in Aquarius, Mars will reach its closest distance to the sun at its opposition (perehelic apparition) on July 26/27, 2018. The last time it came so close was in 2003. This was the closest Mars had come to the sun in 60,000 years. it’s closest distance to the earth will be a few days later (July 30/31). Interestingly, at the start of 2003, North Korea withdrew from the NPT (Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty).

Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer, super new moon, July 12, 2018:

Although July 12 is a partial solar eclipse, it is sure to pack an emotional punch. The eclipse is in Cancer and opposing Pluto in Capricorn. It is also a super moon. Setting a new reality into play, this eclipse can be eventful for you personally if you are born on or near it or your natal chart holds planets at 20 degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn.) If it doesn’t hit your chart directly, you’ll feel the repercussions of the worldly reality instead.

The eclipse marks the beginning for an end that has been long in the work. At the same time, it is a defining and cementing time for the new reality. The past serves a springboard or a portal. Note also that while eclipses are acceleration catalysts and tend to bring about sudden and often dramatic or jarring change, the fall-out effect or rebuilding mandate of July 12 eclipse could be long and drawn out.



 This eclipse is likely to be a bookmark for 2020 when a stellium of planets will line up at 20 Capricorn (where Pluto is right now.)  this is likely to have long term effects. The eclipse puts all matters to do with family (special attention on parent/child and role reversals regarding such) aging, the old and the young; home and real estate; home base/home office; nurturance and nourishment; crops and food production. Matters to do with safety, security, protection, self preservation and all domestic concerns regarding both the personal and private life journey and national matters are also the feature of this eclipse. Drawing from a trine involving Venus in Virgo, Ceres in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus, there is good potential for the undertaking of important, even critical, healing, correction, repair work, upgrades and improvements.

July 10, Jupiter in Scorpio ends the retrograde cycle it began on March 8. Note that it will be freshly on the move along (moving out of station), increasing the scope/the action of the eclipse. Jupiter in Scorpio taps the undercurrents, the hidden sources and resources; it also adds to the karmic intensity.

Total Lunar Eclipse, July 27, 2018 1:20 pm PDT/4:20 EDT

The total full moon eclipse in Aquarius on July 27 can be quite jarring or catapulting. Anything goes when Aquarius is the feature archetype. Mars, retrograde in Aquarius, is conjunct the eclipse moon, opposite the sun (the midpoint of the retrograde cycle) and in its closest proximity to the earth since 2003. Mars in its closest proximity to the earth on July 30/31. Mars triggers the south node a few days before the July 27 total lunar eclipse, but like the solar eclipse of July 12, we’ll see the workings of eclipse for weeks before the actual event.



The total full moon eclipse is also in dynamic tension to Uranus in Taurus. In addition to tense social, economic and political climates, the eclipse could produce something notable regarding geo-physical activity or weather extremes such as high summer temperatures, drought conditions, the risk of forest fires. If Mars retrograde has resulted in Hawaii’s Kilauea volcanic activity quieting down, this total full moon eclipse could rev it up again. Of course, this is not surprising. The effects of global warming are now far too obvious to ignore. An eclipse in Aquarius can also raise the potential for accidents, sudden outbursts, surprise or shock, emancipation bids, rebellions, revolts, violence, and terrorism.

Mercury in Leo is retrograde from July 25 to August 18. Coinciding with the eclipses, expect someone or something from the past to show up again.

There’s one last eclipse to mention – another super new moon partial solar eclipse in Leo on August 11. Mars retrograde in Aquarius is still sparing with Uranus in Taurus, but Venus (ruler of Taurus and partner to Mars) is in trine so it’s a good transit for relationship matters (especially regarding lovers, children and fathers), pleasure pursuits, travel, creative endeavours, making the most of it and getting yourself moving in a new direction.

ARIES March 19/20 – April 19

Due to its retrograde travel, Mars will tenant the sign of Aquarius through the middle of November. In general, Mars in Aquarius is one of your better transits for hitting the refresh button, for personal/lifestyle/social reinvention. Although Mars in Aquarius is built for speed, thanks to the retrograde cycle, you’ll have extra time to figure yourself out and/or to come up with something new. A pull back, time-out, and rethink is an ideal way to make use of the transit. You can also find yourself occupied by a temporary involvement, project, or sidetrack.

TAURUS April 19 – May 20

Are you feeling or craving a bigger disconnect from the outside world or your everyday reality? If so, you are plugged into the workings of Mars retrograde in Aquarius. On the surface, Mars retrograde, is well aligned with a summertime kick-back. On the deeper level, through the staging of circumstances, Mars retrograde creates a window of opportunity to self examine and to break a chain of subjective replay so new pathways can be forged regarding how you identify with yourself and your creative process. Mars retrograde gives you time to observe yourself/the action from a different vantage point. The intention is to stoke the inner rebel, to rework your instincts and impulses so that you act or get involved in ways that are progressive and liberating, that are in keeping with the cutting edge you, not the old you.

GEMINI May 20 – June 20

Mars retrograde is in full swing now and gaining extra turbo through the end of the month. Take a vacation. It’s an ideal transit for a change of pace/scenery. Clear extra time to explore the workings of your heart and mind. An added degree of separation between you, it, them, and/or more of the same can only do you good.

CANCER June 20 – July 22

Eclipse month is upon you. it could be a life-altering month or few, especially so if your birthday is on or near July 12, or the eclipses make a dynamic aspect to personal planets.

The solar eclipse on July 12 is a partial eclipse and a super moon. If you are born on or near July 12, you have likely already felt the workings of this eclipse for the past few weeks. There’s a lot to reflect on; the eclipse puts you in touch with the past and the workings of your subconscious. It can prompt the re-surfacing of long forgotten memories or buried emotions. If you wonder why it is difficult to keep emotions under good control or find that you are the target for another’s displaced emotions, it is because the eclipse is triggering the unfinished business of the past. A personal or health relapse is within possibility too. Despite a replay that you may not want to deal with, this new moon solar eclipse brings you to the finishing stage of a lengthy life chapter and the launch of a new one. Moving past the past is the ticket for moving into the next phase of life. Aim to lighten the load in whatever way you can. Downsize, forgive, hold yourself accountable, do your part to the best of your ability.

LEO July 22 – August 22

Have you been thinking lately that you have better places to be, better ways to spend your time, money, and heart? Quality over quantity, Mars retrograde can be put to best use when you consciously choose to a pull yourself away from the marginal, and the time and money wasters. At the very least, take a vacation!  Gift yourself with more fresh air/more oxygen/more breathing space. A refuel can only do you good.

VIRGO August 22 – September 22

Beyond a good time to take a vacation and to enjoy the season’s best, the eclipse of July 12 can prompt a significant breakthrough regarding a long-standing issue from your past. The eclipse can prompt a release of long buried emotions and resentment. You could fast track into a new lifestyle and/or get a fresh handle on a new you. A significant relationship can move to a new or next level. That could mean a goodbye or hello. You are likely to feel a strong sense of fate or karmic destiny at play. Of course, an eclipse must make direct contact to your chart to be of significant impact, otherwise, you’ll experience the impact as an indirect or outer world influence, or as only slightly stronger new moon or full moon.

LIBRA September 22 – October 22

In general, Mars in Aquarius is one of your best Mars transits. Due to its retrograde tour (June 26 to August 27), you stand to gain from Mars through the middle of November. Mars in Aquarius boosts your social life, creativity, desire for independence and freedom. This Mars transit makes more of a risk taker, innovator, explorer, and rebel. A think for yourself transit, while Mars travels retrograde, it creates a wider degree of separation between you and another, between you and it or them. Mars retrograde prompts you to put yourself/your wants and needs first, to think more in terms of “me” instead of “we”.  Noting that the Libra archetype often has an issue with enmeshment or co-dependency, that can be a good thing.  Making it too obvious to ignore, Mars retrograde turns up the spotlight on an issue, objective, or involvement that needs review and reformatting.

SCORPIO October 22 – November 21

Jupiter in Scorpio ends retrograde on July 10. Since March, the transit has likely kept you well occupied with tracking down more and/or getting yourself further ahead. Perhaps these past few months have kept you buried deep in product development or occupied with a specific matter. No doubt you have become more conscious of your internal process and have found yourself questioning your motives, ambition, investments, or involvements. Perhaps trust issues have been chipping away at you. Such is the nature of Jupiter’s self improvement, soul searching or confront yourself mission.

SAGITTARIUS November 21 – December 21

Feeling less interested in socializing or subjecting yourself to outer world bullshit? Feeling as though the air has been let out of your tires? Mars retrograde can see you (or it) lose steam. It’s is an ideal transit for an unplug. It is not the best transit for making new inroads or for forging ahead, at least not in the same direction you were heading before the retrograde began.

CAPRICORN December 21 – January 20

Saturn and Pluto have been travelling retrograde through Capricorn since the end of April. Both transits could make you feel that you are being held up or back, but see their influence as buying you time instead. Saturn has just surpassed the half way mark of its retrograde cycle, Pluto will do so on the solar eclipse in Cancer, July 12. It’s a partial eclipse and a super moon, a “high tide” influence. You will feel the transformative effect of this eclipse the strongest if your birthday falls on or near January 10.


AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18/19

Mars, now travelling retrograde in Aquarius, is on an internal combustion ramp-up. It will reach a peak of potency by end of July when it will shine its brightest in the evening sky. The red planet is travelling closer to the earth than it has in two years. It is also travelling in its closest proximity to the sun since 2003. Noting this fact, expect Mars to supply significant added fuel to the total lunar eclipse on July 27. You will feel the catapulting effects of this total lunar eclipse the strongest if your birthday falls on or near January 23 to 25. You can feel Mercury retrograde – or the effects of the eclipse in a Mercury retrograde type of way – if your birthday falls on or near February 12.

PISCES February 18/19 to March 19/20

Whether you take an official vacation, or you hang around right where you are, more quality time spent with loved ones – including yourself – is a healing balm. The partial solar eclipse in Cancer on July 12 can be shaping or re-directing in some significant way, especially so if it makes direct contact to your natal chart. Emotional floodgates can open. It can remove a block, the resistance, or the low hanging ceiling. Putting you better in touch with yourself and with those who have your heart, the eclipse finds you highly attuned, sensitized, and/or readily triggered. You’ll readily tap/draw from a deep emotional reservoir. Emotionally or otherwise, it’s a full circle journey. The past serves a major springboard for what comes next.