April 28 – May 19: Liberate Your Soul’s Voice Through Song with Isaac & Thorald Koren

Be Guided in a Vocal Exploration and Experience the Revitalizing Powers of Your Voice We’re all here to tell a story… the story our soul knows we yearn to express. One of the simplest, quickest ways to unveil, liberate, and start to live that story is through the sounding of your voice. When you can allow spontaneous […]


Crows in the Cavern: On-Line Live and Interactive Concert


On-Line – Live and Interactive Join the “Crows in the Cavern” for a unique On-Line Live and Interactive Livestream experience! Join us for an evening of unique music with a variety of instruments that lend to the unique sound of this group of talented musicians! Check out one of their past livestreams from Leon’s Live […]

Free – $22.22