September 27, 2020: A Sunday Morning in the Garden with our Native Plants

templeton pool garden 700 Templeton Drive, Vancouver

Hello InHarmony InNature community. How would you like to put your hands in a vibrant garden? Home of numerous happy natives plants. Also home of hummingbirds, and many other birds, some medicinal plants, a beautiful hawthorn tree and many other beings. Join us in our intention of bringing attention to the importance of diversity. Together, […]


Sunday September 27: On-Line – Crystal Calm VIII Sound Healing Medicine Journey with Theda Phoenix


Join us On-Line and experience the profound rejuvenating benefits of this unique and powerful sound healing meditation journey with experienced Sound Healing practitioner Theda Phoenix.   Rest deeply, entering a receptive state, allowing the sounds to calm your nervous system and restore a sense of deep peace and wellness to your life. https://consciouslivingnetwork.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/sh-video-clip.mp4 Relax, rest […]

$11.11 – $22.22