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The Birth of the Future Human: Visionary Insights Into Our Moment in History. – With Chris Bache

November 5, 2018 @ 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The Birth of the Future Human: Visionary insights into our moment in history – with Chris Bache

Join us forthis post Conference Lecture as Chris Bache shares more about his insights from his journeys.

Humanity’s collective evolution and the birth of the Future Human has been one of the most consistent and important themes of my 20 year psychedelic journey. In this talk I will share some of the visions and insights that came through my sessions about the breakthrough we are quickly approaching.

  • In the name of Divine Love

  • Our species as a single being

  • Reincarnation and our collective purification

  • The global system crisis as a collective labor

  • The Great Awakening

  • The birth of the Diamond Soul in history

“The core vision of the future that has surfaced in my sessions is that humanity is coming into a time of Great Awakening, a profound shift in the fundamental condition of the human psyche. But for there to be a Great Awakening, there must first take place a Great Death. We must be emptied of the old before the new can emerge. I believe that the 21st century will begin such a process, a time a collective purification that will last generations. But through this hard labor we will give birth to something extraordinary. More than just a new civilization, what is emerging is nothing less than a new order of human being. We are giving birth to the Future Human.”From Diamonds from Heaven

Christopher M. Bache is professor emeritus in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Youngstown State University where he taught for 33 years. He is also adjunct faculty at the California Institute of Integral Studies and a Fellow at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. An award winning teacher, Chris’ work explores the philosophical implications of non-ordinary states of consciousness, especially psychedelic states. Chris has written three books: Lifecycles – a study of reincarnation in light of contemporary consciousness research; Dark Night, Early Dawn – a pioneering work in psychedelic philosophy and collective consciousness; and The Living Classroom, an exploration of teaching and collective fields of consciousness. He is currently completing a new book entitled Diamonds from Heaven: A 20 year journey into the mind of the universe.


Shaugnessy Heights United Church
1550 - West 33rd Ave. , Vancouver, BC V6M 1A7
Vancouver, V6M 1A7 CA
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