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Saturday April 25, 2020: Cannabis as a Spiritual Ally in the Time of Covid-19: A Guided Online Cannabis-Friendly Ceremony with Stephen Gray

April 25, 2020 @ 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM


Join Stephen Gray and I as we check in to say hi and share with you some great hings for you to do while having some extra time on your hands!

Posted by Marc L Caron on Saturday, April 4, 2020

In association with St. Christopher’s Anglican Church

Cannabis as a Spiritual Ally:

A Guided Online Cannabis-Friendly Ceremony with Stephen Gray

When we can quiet the busy mind in this kind of intentional setting, even for just gaps, cannabis
has immense potential to calm and open. This may be especially beneficial in these highly-
charged times.

Cannabis ceremony and retreat leader Stephen Gray, under the auspices of Conscious Living
Network and in association with St. Christopher’s Anglican Church*, is offering a live online 2-
hour guided cannabis-friendly ceremony on Saturday April 25 from 7:00 to 9:30 pm PDT. Those
who want to partake of the medicine will be invited to light up together in a group Zoom
meeting. Stephen will then lead the group with a series of guided meditations and
healing/journeying sounds.


Our intention with this event is to offer support to our loosely-knit community far and wide
during challenging times. We do not want financial restrictions to be an obstacle for anyone.
We’re asking a nominal fee of $10 Canadian. Anyone who doesn’t feel they can afford that right
now will be invited to email us directly as noted at support@consciouslivingnetwork.net

*Reverend Karen Urquhart of St. Christopher’s Anglican Church in West Vancouver, British
Columbia, Canada is one of a small group of visionary activists working to bring real medicine
power back into the churches. Hence our association with them for this event.


Instructions and Guidelines: *Please read thoroughly

1. If at all possible, take a break from cannabis for a minimum of 3 days. This will allow the
endocannabinoid receptors to reset. The experience during the ceremony will then be
clearer and stronger. While some may find this a “woo woo” notion, there are
indications that the veil between matter and spirit is unusually thin right now as most of
us are shaken out of our habitual patterns. A time of great potential for deepening and

2. Good quality sound: We’re working to improve the quality of our transmission. As
sound is a key component of this event, please use the best speakers or earphones you
can get your hands on.

3. Since we’re not able to provide you with carefully field-tested medicine as per usual in
our ceremonies, we suggest that you find an uplifting, expansive cultivar (strain),
probably leaning somewhat to the Sativa side of life. If you don’t have any organically
and lovingly grown flower right now, your local shop may be able to guide you and
provide take-out or delivery service.

4. In general (see #7 below) and especially if you haven’t tried the specific medicine you
intend to use in the ceremony, test it out for potency well beforehand. The optimal
dose is the dose you both want to and can handle. Handle meaning the dosage with which you can stay present, open, and able to let go of thinking for at least part of the time. Then it’s as deep as you’re up for.

5. Prepare your space ahead of the start of the ceremony. Make sure it’s a comfortable
space where you won’t be disturbed for 2 hours. Have ready a meditation cushion or
bench, or a straight-backed chair. A straight spine is key to opening the body channels.
It’s good to sit up as much as possible, but you may also want to have a comfortable pad
or mattress to stretch out on for part of the time.

6. Have your flower* with you and ready to light when we open the ceremony.
*If you prefer to imbibe orally, we suggest you do that one hour before the ceremony
begins. It can take up to an hour and a half to reach peak effects, even longer if taken
shortly after a meal.

7. Special Note: We’re hearing that some people are feeling so sensitized and perhaps
fragile during this intense time that what would normally be a manageable dose of
cannabis can feel more like an overdose. This is why it’s so important to test your
medicine ahead of time if you haven’t used that specific medicine before and/or if you
haven’t been partaking lately, and/or you’re feeling extra sensitive right now.


Preparation and Requirements

1.I understand that cannabis use can exacerbate some heart and respiratory conditions and may not be suitable for all people. I take full responsibility for my health and absolve Conscious Living Network and Stephen Gray of any related responsibility.

2. I agree to do a cannabis fast of at least 3 days prior to the ceremony unless I absolutely must use cannabis for a specific and significant medical condition. *People who absolutely need to use cannabis daily for significant medical conditions are excused from that requirement. However, it is still helpful to limit usage as much as is feasible in the days leading up to the ceremony.

About Stephen Gray

Stephen Gray is the author/editor of two books, including the popular Cannabis and Spirituality: An Explorer’s Guide to an Ancient Plant Spirit Ally.

He is also the longtime co-organizer of the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference, as well as a cannabis ceremony leader, lecturer, and part-time musician and photographer


On-line access details provided upon registration

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