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December 1- 8, 2020: Nuna Kallpa Empowerment – Awaken your Soul Power

December 1, 2020 @ 12:00 AM - December 8, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

We are opening up registrations for 1 week only beginning December 1-8th for this weekly shamanic mentorship and distance healing service. This $22 a month subscription is a way to receive vast and expanded energetic support, teachings, and mentorship durning this most wild and intense time. We are here to serve your flowering as a universal shaman!
Please check out our website for more information and testimonials!

Nuna Kallpa Empowerment is a revolutionary approach to shamanic mentorship and quantum healing technologies to support you to awaken your Soul Power and Divine Medicine.

Nuna Kallpa Empowerment is here to offer a mighty new way to resource and empower your healing, awakening, and sacred path of leadership. This is a group healing and shamanic distance healing initiative that is co-created and designed by the radical Benevolence of the Pachakuti Mesa lineage, the infinitely radiant loving Ascended Masters and Angelic orders, and our higher selves to up-level the spiritual support in your life. Nuna Kallpa Empowerment is a totally new form of quantum healing and lineage transmission to resource and empower your life, health, wellbeing, and prosperity on all levels.

Nuna Kallpa Empowerment is here to support as many universal shamans, light workers, starseeds, and heart centered practitioners as possible to THRIVE in powerful ways, and to birth the Qoripacha (golden age of quantum miracles).

Nuna Kallpa empowerment is synthesizing these ancient ceremonial arts with leading edge quantum healing modalities to assist the magnificent evolutionary potential of this time in a relevant applicable way. Nuna kallpa is Quechua for “soul power”. We chose this name in honour and reverence for our Beloved friends and teachers of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Don Oscar and Dona Cindy Miro-Quesada, as well as all the Paqos of the Andes, who continue to mentor and encourage us in such kind, gentle, and generous ways.

This resource and empowerment service is for:
– Students of Plant Spirit Medicine
– Pachakuti Mesa & Universal Shaman Initiates
– Energy & Light Workers
– Starseeds & Awakening Earth Angels

Every month you will receive:
– 8 hours of focused quantum healing energy.
– Healing energies to support your sense of groundedness and stability and connectedness to your
planetary service.
– Healing energies for supporting your unique Medicine gifts, sacred path of service, and life on all levels.
– Healing energy for more energy, vitality, clarity of mind and open heart.
– Healing energy to help release trapped emotions.
– Divine interventions to clear inferring energies, programs, conditioning, and viral thought forms that
impede your remembrance of your Divine Holy Sovereignty.
– Cleansing and Blessings energies for your home
– Frequent light code journeys and supportive practices
– An optional Monthly Prayer Collective Video call for group planetary healing.

You already are a living Master, you already are an Earth Angel, you already are a Universal Shaman! You deserve to have an unlimited bandwidth of spiritual forces supporting your life so that your human self feels safe enough to remember who you really are and to shine. It’s your Sovereign birthright to step into being a conscious co-creator birthing Heaven on Earth consciousness.
Through the potency of our extensive cross cultural shamanic training, evolutionary energy medicine, and the sheer loving devotion of our hearts these evolutionary healing energies will be offered to:

Radically support your healing with grace and ease;

The prospering of your unique Medicine gifts, sacred path of service, and life on all levels;

To assist in your embodiment of the boundless Love of your true essential self;

Divine interventions to clear inferring energies, programs, conditioning, and viral thought forms that impede your remembrance of your Divine Holy Sovereignty;

Especially wonderful blessings for your family, pets, home, office, vehicles, and sacred path of service.

​We will also be offering periodic energy updates and light code activations. In these updates we will offer insights into foundational principles and practice of divinely sanctioned ritual, remembrance, and renewal through the sacred arts of cross cultural shamanism and energy medicine. This will include teachings and practices to resource and empower you to bring forth the boundless beauty of your true essential nature as a sovereign Creatrix/Creator and help you to flower Nuna Kallpa (soul power and remembrance) in your life.

​As long as you subscribe you give your consent to receive the Kamaska (universal life force) transmission of Nuna Kallpa Empowerment.

​Pretty epic!


December 1, 2020 @ 12:00 AM
December 8, 2020 @ 12:00 AM
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