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The Mystical Healing Experience: Manifesting the Miraculous

April 23, 2022 @ 8:00 AM - April 25, 2022 @ 5:00 PM


Every Facet of Life is in Massive Change…

But It’s The Unchanging & Timeless That Will Guide You Through These Turbulent Times.

This Global Awakening Calls You to More Fully Embrace Your Spiritual Self & As You Do,

You Increase Your Ability to Create the Changes You Want to See in the World.

We’ve Brought Together Some of The Most Powerful Spiritual Messengers, Mystics & Healers of Our Time

For You to Receive Powerful Healing, Elevate Your Consciousness, and Experience The Mystical.

In Short, THE MYSTICAL HEALING EXPERIENCE is a Gateway to Manifesting the Miraculous For Yourself, & the World Around You.

Join Us And Create Your New Individual & Collective Reality.


The Mystical Healing Experience: Manifesting the Miraculous

Conference April 23 & 24, 2022

Workshop April 25, 2022

Live On-Line & Interactive


Live in Person, Tucson Arizona

Full Details and Tickets – Click Here

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Featured Speakers

Neale Donald WalschNeale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch – Author of Conversations with God:

Creating a New Collective Reality: The One Leap in Understanding That can Solve Every Dilemma the World Faces

Along With This Major Leap in Consciousness, You’ll Learn How To:

– Engage With the Divine in a 2-Way Process of Purposeful Creation Utilizing the Language of the Soul

– Help Accelerate Our Evolution as a Species Ending Most if not All Suffering on The Planet

– How You Can Involve God in Your Day-To-Day Life for Enormous Benefit

And This is Possible, not Just for Saints or Mystics, but Every Person on the Planet.  Bring Yourself & Humanity to the Next Stage of Conscious Evolution & Be Part of the New Collective Reality.

Join us in Exploring an Energetic & Inspiring New Way of Living on Planet Earth, Based on the Messages In Conversations With God, Summarized in The God Solution, Neale Donald Walsch’s Last & Final Book.

Read MORE about Neale Donald Walsch.

Shaman Durek

Shaman Durek – 6th Generation African Shaman, Healer to Celebrities and Royalty worldwide

Shaman Durek is a 6th generation shaman, and personal spiritual adviser to Gwyneth Paltrow.

Radically Elevate Your Spiritual Technology & Reclaim Your Power

Shaman Durek Is Here To Assist You And Empower You In Embracing Your Inherent Spiritual Power With Shamanic Upgrades And New Energetic Codes.

With Shaman Durek You Will: 

  • Discover How To Alter Your Frequency To Shift Your Reality
  • Upgrade Your Human Operating System So You Can Bring New Awareness And Clarity Into Your Life
  • Master Your Ability To Release Fear And Remove The Errors Of Old Belief Systems.

Be Ready To Alchemize Your Life And Expand Your Spiritual Awareness. During The Presentation, You’ll Enhance Your Energy Field & Reclaim Your Personal Power.

Thought-provoking, iconoclastic, and powerful. Shaman Durek has a lot of knowledge that can touch the world in a way I haven’t seen before.  He is a light on the Earth!”
~ Gwyneth Paltrow

Join Us & Find Out More

Rob Wergin – Healer from the Feature Length Documentary Heal, Divine Conduit of God’s Love & Light

Group Healing Experience: Experience Divine Light and Heal

(Rob’s healing is the same either way, but he’ll be doing his magic via livestream)

Rob was featured in the Documentary Heal which ran on Netflix and Amazon Prime featuring Deepak Chopra, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Marianne Williamson. The mainstream movie is changing the worldwide paradigm of healing.

From Rob: “Less-than-loving physical, mental, & emotional experiences create energetic stagnation & blockages in the mind and body that often lead to disease, dysfunction, distress, disconnection or despair.

“However, these blocks “are actually gifts,” created by our soul and by the Divine, powerful and packaged in ways we cannot ignore. And because we cannot ignore them, we are given the opportunity to do something about them.” With and Divine Energy transmissions, Rob helps to clear old patterns, experiences, and beliefs – a process that releases pain, disease and addiction.”

Join Rob in a powerful group healing experience.

Read MORE about Rob Wergin.

Christy Whitman – Spiritual Channel, 2X NY Times Bestselling Author, Coach to Celebrities

Master Your Energy to Manifest Your Desires:  Learn the Energetics to Draw To You What You Want In Life

Your energy is either drawing or repelling what you want in life.  Most teachers of manifestation teach the how to of manifesting and give you the intellectual understanding.  Christy’s Council of Light teaches this as well, but simultaneously heals, shifts & clears the energy in your field that is preventing you from having what you want. 

Listening to the Council, you are getting BOTH the profound wisdom shared by the Council & simultaneously getting an energy healing in precisely the way to shift your energy to attract what you want.

Christy has consistently had a seven-figure business for the past 10 years and 2 of her books have been on The NY Times Bestseller List.   She channeled her first book and her council of light has been one of the biggest secrets to her success and abundance.

The Energy That Is Felt When The Council Enters Christy’s Body/Consciousness Is Instantly Evident In Any Space She Is In.

Jennifer McLean

“The Council is like Abraham, but on steroids.”

~ Jennifer McLean

Christy has appeared on the news, The Today ShowThe Morning ShowTed X, and The Hallmark Channel, and her work has been featured in the media in various publications. She’s been featured in GoalcastPeople MagazineSeventeenWoman’s DayHollywood Life, and Teen Vogue, to name a few.

Christy is the CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Learning Academy & Quantum Success Coaching Academy, a 10-month Law of Attraction coaching certification program. Christy has helped certify over 3,000 life coaches and has helped countless others to unlock their power to manifest. She also hosts Conscious Couple retreats with her husband, Frederic.

Join Us & Find Out More

Ken W Stone – World Renowned Energy Healer

The Embodied Mystical Experience: Open to Divine Resonance & Merge With Your Divine Self

Tap Into Your Inner Healing Power With One of The World’s Most Profound & Powerful Healers.

God Expresses Through Ken in a Unique Way: When People Sit With Him in Transmission, They Have a Profound Experience of the Divine in Their Body.

His Hands & Feet Vibrate & There’s No One in the Room That Doesn’t Feel the Profound Energy He Makes Present.

When You Experience This Divine Presence, You Are Opening To A Mystical Experience—A Direct Experience Of God by whatever name. This Leads to Discovering: The Peace of God, Your Divine Gifts & Purpose, & a Life of Fulfillment & Meaning Beyond Your Imagination – Along With Many Other Profound Outcomes.  Spontaneous Healings Often Happen.

Most People Feel & Live as if They’re Disconnected From a Direct, Palpable Experience of God But When You Feel the Divine Directly, Eventually The Mystical Stops Being a Series of Spiritual Encounters & Starts Being an Inner & Outer Dimension of Life That is Constantly Being Experienced & Lived.  

Reverend Dr. Lorraine Cohen

“I had a miraculous healing session with Ken Stone. I’ve worked with some extraordinarily gifted healers & energy workers over the years. What happened yesterday is beyond words. A physical condition I have been suffering with for YEARS is finally shifting because of the work that Ken did with me as a Divine conduit.
~ Reverend Dr. Lorraine Cohen, Broadcaster, & Speaker

Join Us & Find Out More

Hemal H. Patel, Ph.D.

Hemal H. Patel, Ph.D. – Director, UCSD Cardiac/Neuro Protection Labs 
Vice-Chair for Research VA Research Career Scientist:

The Biological Science of How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body

Dr. Patel Is Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Primary Researcher

Every Metaphysical Person Knows That Their Mind has a Profound Effect on Their Body & Also Knows Incredible Healing is Possible Through Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Means.

Long Considered ‘Fringe Science’ by the Mainstream However, Creating a Scientific & Repeatable Framework for This Healing Has Been Elusive… Until Now.

Dr. Hemal Patel, a High-Level Researcher at UCSD in the Field of Biological Science, Has Partnered With Dr. Joe Dispenza to do Some Groundbreaking Research.

Dr. Joe has Made it his Goal to Make Scientific History & the Results He’s Creating & Dr. Hemal is documenting is Doing Just That.  In Short, Their Findings are Astounding.

Join Us & Hear About Some Groundbreaking Research on The Body’s Mechanisms To Heal & How You Can Apply This to Your Life.  You’ll Hear About:

Join Us & Find Out More

Dan Horner – Healer, Conference Host

How to Heal Anything: The Scientific & Spiritual Framework

Dan Horner is a US Naval Academy Graduate & Former Naval Officer.  Over A Several Year Period Dan Suffered From a Litany of Diseases:

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, IBS, Eczema, Thyroid Problems, Low Back Pain, Chemical Sensitivity, Insomnia, Extreme (40 Lbs) Weight Loss, Food Intolerances, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, as a Partial List.

Through Research, Trial & Error He Healed Himself From Each of These, & After Witnessing the Seemingly Miraculous Healing of Dozen’s of Others, He’s Developed A Framework He Believes Can Heal and Reverse Any Adult Onset Chronic Pain, Illness or Ailment.

Dan Has Come To Believe That Anyone Can Heal From Anything.

Join Us & Find Out How


You’ll Heal Deeply, Experience the Mystical & Transform Your Life at this event or it’s on us!

Purchase your TICKET now & if you ATTEND THE FULL EVENT and at the end are not satisfied for any reason, send us an email within 3 days after the event and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

You have no risk and we guarantee you’ll have an incredible experience and feel it’s the best money you’ve ever spent or it’s FREE.

Conference April 23 & 24, 2022

Workshop April 25, 2022

Full Details and Tickets – Click Here

More healers & speakers being added soon! Stay tuned.
We’ll have a total of 8 speakers & healers to transform your life and create your new reality.



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