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Evolving Consciousness: Breathwork & Channeled Workshop

May 2, 2020 @ 12:00 PM - 2:30 PM


Join psychic medium, channeler, life coach and energy worker, Cecilia Mackie and breathwork practitioner & emotional alchemist, Joshua Nesta for an incredibly unique journey into the mystical with gamma breathwork, channeled meditations, and messages from the guides about how we can raise our vibration in order to restore harmony, both as individuals and as a collective.

In this ONLINE workshop, you will:

• Be guided through a channeled meditation from Cecilia’s guides to help connect you to your higher self and deepest knowing
• Be guided through a gamma breathwork session that will raise your frequency, increase clarity, and help to release energetic, emotional, and mental blocks
• Receive individual instruction and teaching from Cecilia’s guides as well as practical advice around transforming your life and evolving your consciousness
• Ask personal questions around any topic in your life to receive clarity (i.e. relationships, health, life)
• Become attuned to a higher vibrational frequency that you can trust and feel
• Release old patterns and overcome fears

If you have never spoken to a psychic medium or experienced channeling before you don’t want to miss this special online workshop.

Enjoy this live CLR Interview and conversation where Cecelia channels a beautiful message from her guides “The Goddess”, and Josh shares with us a Gamma Breathwork exercise. Wow! Powerful!

Evolving Consciousness: Breathwork & Channeling

Live on CLR, Evolving consciousness with Cecelia and Joshua

Posted by Conscious Living Network Vancouver on Monday, April 27, 2020


Using the abilities of clairvoyance (clear seeing), claircognizance (clear knowing), clairaudience (clear hearing), & clairsentience (clear feeling), Cecilia has the ability to tap into your unique energetic signature in order to extract important information that will help you to understand yourself better.

She is able to tune into your life and your relationships in order to provide insight, can help to identify physical / emotional blocks that are holding you back from your true potential, and she can help you identity patterns that may be preventing you from moving forward in different areas of your life.

As well, Cecilia is a channel for high vibrational spirits, guides, and teachers that come to her from within the higher realms of consciousness. When we clear our channels of trauma and stagnant energy, we become able to use the body as a receiver that can tune into and transmit the vibrations of beings that exist within the higher dimensions, and start to feel the subtle energy of the world around us. Tapping into this higher state of consciousness allows us to better connect to the information that is held in our fields, both within our bodies and beyond.

After many years of deep meditation and inner work, Cecilia has been giving voice to the guides that have stood behind her throughout her own personal journey and the messages that come through are profound – rich with a wisdom and Truth that can be felt by the soul. During this online workshop / class / lecture you will get to experience it for yourself!

Gamma Breathwork:

Gamma Breathwork is a powerful breathing modality that allows us to activate Gamma in our brains which is the highest operating brain state that we have access to. When we are in Gamma the different regions of our brain are communicating the most efficiently which makes it possible for us to very rapidly release & reprogram old unhealthy thoughts, habits, addictions & traumas that are no longer serving us.

What most people don’t realize is that our body has been protecting us from energetic trauma our entire lives. When we experience a powerful event that is uncomfortable, such as when experiencing trauma, our body stores the emotion (energy in motion) from this experience inside of the tissues within our body to protect our psyche. As we continue throughout our lives these energetic blocks (that were once protecting us) start to manifest themselves in our daily lives in ways that are often negatively impacting us (thoughts, behaviors). People think that trauma is only in the mind, but it is within the body as well.

There is tons of energy trapped inside each of us from our past experiences that is begging to be released!. The Gamma breathing sequences that are used in this online workshop allow us to harmonize the brain & body. When we use these specific sequences mixed in with a powerful intention, we are releasing the trapped energy that has been stored within our brain & body. We then utilize this “freed” energy & put it towards generating healthy thoughts, habits & emotions!

When Gamma is present in the brain it stimulates the pineal gland which in turn releases chemicals such as DMT, dopamine, and serotonin. These powerful chemicals work together to help us have transformative experiences. Some people experience a rush of energy, flash backs of memories from the past, visions, ideas, out of body experiences, release of stored energy and/or an overwhelming sense of peace & tranquility.

Come with an open mind and heart – we look forward to sharing our world with you!

More about the facilitators

About Cecilia

Cecilia’s journey began 8 years ago when she found herself lost in a mess of depression, anxiety, OCD, and eating disorder, which lead her to turn towards holistic nutrition, yoga, shamanic practices, and the inward journey in search of a healthier state of being. After coming to realize that what was ailing her was a deep disconnect from her emotions, trauma, and spirituality, Cecilia began diving deep into her Soul and has not turned back since. She now seeks to share with others the wealth of wisdom, healing, and insight that her journey has awakened within her.

About Joshua

After receiving his degree in entrepreneurship and MIS, Joshua stepped into the business consulting world only to realize that this work was not at all what his heart truly desired. After a short period of numbing the pain & partying all of the time to try and find happiness, he decided to leave this career and embark on a powerful journey of self-discovery, Josh now aims to be of service to others and to help bring a higher state of awareness, wisdom, and healing to the world.


Online Via Zoom

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