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Alleviate Anxiety With Grace with Amanda Huggins

July 27, 2022 @ 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

You know the kind of troubling anxiety that doesn’t seem to have a clear source? 

When you have a free-floating sense of dread and nervousness… your heart is racing… you can’t sleep… and it’s difficult to catch your breath? 

You may be swarmed with frightening thoughts and a whole slew of other physical and emotional symptoms that can sometimes overtake you and feel immobilizing… 

Yet, in the midst of it all, you can’t pinpoint a reason for your level of discomfort? All you want is for the anxiety to stop so you can feel like yourself again. But the more you try to push it away, the more it builds and interrupts your ability to function at a high level. 

Professional anxiety coach Amanda Huggins, an author, speaker, and podcast host, wants you to know that anxiety is not your enemy. On the contrary, she believes that when you can embrace, understand, and dialogue with your anxious mind, you can reframe it as whispers from your inner self… 

… guiding you to explore and heal wounds in your past and present that are keeping you stuck in what Amanda calls the Anxiety Spin Cycle.

On Thursday, July 7, Amanda will share why the nature of anxiety is the physical manifestation of emotional unrest. She’ll introduce you to her holistic anxiety management perspective — which addresses the mind, body, and soul — and show you how to turn inward, listen for, and unlock the hidden messages your anxiety is offering.

You can register here for Alleviate Anxiety With Grace: Practical Mind, Body & Soul Tools to Unearth Hidden Messages & Transform Anxiety-Driven Narratives & Behaviors



In this hope-filled free online event, you’ll:

  • Experience a color-based anxiety-reducing meditation using visualization
  • Feel how box breathing can support you to self-soothe by reducing your body’s fight-or-flight response 
  • Understand the basics of the Anxiety Spin Cycle — and how it manifests in your mind and body
  • Learn new tools for responding to anxiety so you can calm yourself down as it arises, wherever and wherever you are
  • Receive 4 key processing questions to identify and determine the source of your anxiety… and open up a dialogue with your soul to begin transforming those feelings

Amanda will provide you with practical tools to start transforming anxiety-driven narratives and behaviors that have kept you in a state of self-minimization — so you can cultivate compassion for and trust in yourself, and step into a more empowered, authentic, and embodied version of your true being.

You can RSVP for free here

In Alleviate Anxiety With Grace: Practical Mind, Body & Soul Tools to Unearth Hidden Messages & Transform Anxiety-Driven Narratives & Behaviors with Amanda Huggins… 

… you’ll experience powerful practices to compassionately reframe your anxiety as a loving message from your soul, beckoning you to heal wounds that are holding you back from expressing your most vibrant and embodied self.

We hope you’re able to catch the event as scheduled. But if you register and miss it, you’ll receive a downloadable recording as soon as it’s available.


July 27, 2022
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM



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