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July 2019 Overview:

Just in time for fireworks and festivities, Mars enters Leo on Canada Day (July 1). If you have been feeling overly sensitive, too vulnerable, or too weak to stand up tall and face the bigger need, this Mars transit should come as a welcome news.

July 2 delivers a total solar eclipse in Cancer. It is the only total solar eclipse of the year. The Cancer archetype features the following: home, family, children, mother/mothering, ancestry, the past; emotions, personal needs, comfort zones, vulnerabilities, sensitivities, food, nourishment, care-giving, care-taking, security, safety, protection, domestic and national matters.

An especially potent catalyst for those born on or near the eclipse (Canada and the USA included), the eclipse marks an auspicious seeding time for getting back in touch with what is most necessary and desirable. Launching a new living with yourself journey of heightened emotional impact, this eclipse is ideal for taking a step back to review and regroup. In doing so, the process expands consciousness regarding the past, along with the elements and truths of that past that have not yet been fully recognized. Perception is the shaping tool of reality!

How much have you been holding on to? Having you been resisting or fearing the necessity or the letting go process? The solar eclipse of July 2 launches an exploration of emotional truth. It can prompt a new consciousness regarding how you have been taking care of yourself, regarding old patterns of self preservation. Feeling exhausted all the time? Are you carrying (or caring) too much?

The July eclipses bring us to another peak karmic threshold. Along with the eclipses and transits for this year and for next year too, we are in a process of moving the past forward and of working our way toward a new reality.

Venus in Cancer, July 3 to 27, assists the evaluation process. The transit puts you back in touch with feelings that are in the most need of comfort, support, nurturing, or protection.

A solar eclipse often accelerates transition for those ready to leave the planet. Those born under an eclipse have chosen to embark upon a lifetime of significance regarding their personal evolution, which may also bring notoriety and recognition. A lunar eclipse brings that which has been on brew but that has not yet reached full awareness into the ‘light of day”. A lunar eclipse can bring a relationship or circumstance to an end.

The partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 16 is accompanied by Venus in opposition to Saturn retrograde, ruler of Capricorn. It is a time of facing the reality, of solidifying the reality. Perhaps there is something to confront or to move past. Both the solar eclipse in Cancer and the lunar eclipse in Capricorn bring something of the past forward. Both prompt a growing recognition that the future is shaping up, with or without your agreement or active participation. It is a time to get real about what it is worth, and what or who is of value. Resistance simply delays the inevitable and makes the going a lot tougher.

The future is not as far off as you thought it was. Knowing this, the question becomes, how are you going to create in a way that optimizes opportunity, so that you can get your bottom-line needs met better, and so that you can thrive rather than just survive. Venus in opposition to Saturn can see you question if you have what it takes to keep up your end of the bargain regarding what your soul says is necessary. Whether by deliberate choice or by circumstances beyond your control, the influence of Venus also in trine to Neptune during the lunar eclipse makes for an easier process of relinquishing, letting go, and also of opening up to the reality and the new potentials that are now waiting in the wings.

Capricorn is the archetype of time. The transits are putting us on the clock – and even on a time crunch – but evolution is not an overnight process. We will hit many finish-line or completion dates in the coming weeks and months. On the bigger picture scale, we have time to put in yet regarding the completion and the foundation laying work.

Mercury retrograde begins in Leo. Beyond the usual Mercury retrograde occurrences, revisits and revisions, the transit aims to help you reclaim self at center. Mercury retrograde in Cancer (starting July 19) aims to put you better in touch with yourself (perhaps your inner child too), to feel your way along your own comfort margins. Take more time out for yourself and for family.

Mercury will end retrograde on a super new moon in Leo on July 31 and very close to the degree of the lunar eclipse of July 16. Mercury will regain Leo on August 11, re-stimulating the Mars transit from the solar eclipse of July 2 and the total lunar eclipse degree of January 20. Expect what is triggered this month to take time to process or complete.

On that note, I am going to take my own advice and step back from monthly column writing for a month or two in order to replenish creatively, to tend to other writing and webinar projects. As usual, I am always available for private astrology or clairvoyant readings. Please note that I am not abandoning you! The link to my weekly column is posted above. If you send me an email, I will send the weekly column to you.

I have one more announcement:

I am teaching again! If you are interested in in-depth study into Evolutionary Astrology, please join me with my esteemed colleagues Patricia Walsh and Laura Nalbandian in September. Early registration discount ends July 15.

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